Hometown Hints – Singapore

Your name - Simone Nationality - Australian Children's ages - 8, 6 and 4 Location - Singapore How long have you lived there? - Nearly five years Websites for keeping up to date on what is happening in the area - Honey Kid Asia and Honey Combers Singapore Hint 1 ...
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Kerala, India

Looking for a tropical escape, off the beaten track and are travelling with little children? Ready to feast on some
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Hometown Hints – Canberra

Home to world class museums, galleries, lots of open green space and a lake filled with sailboats, Australia's capital city
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What are your top 5 travel tips?

Name – Michelle
Who do you travel with? Husband and Miss 2.5 and Miss 10 months
Your favourite airline to travel with so far? and Why? Emirates would be our favourite, we do long haul flights with them each year and the staff are always helpful and attentive with the children – especially when I’m travelling solo with the kids.
What was the destination of your favourite family holiday? Spain
Where are you dreaming of travelling next? Maldives


  1. Arrive at your boarding gate before boarding starts and take advantage of boarding first (if your airline offers it for families), use those few minutes to get everyone seated and happy without the stress of holding up other passengers. Get everything you might need for the first hour of the flight (while the seat belt sign is on) and have it within arm’s reach.
  2. When food service begins on you flight, ask them to hold your meal while you assist your children, or if you have a baby this allows one parent to eat while one holds the baby and then you can swap.
  3. If there are no high chairs available when dining out, try stacking the chairs to bring the child up to table height.
  4. We always take our own travel cots and bedding for our children. I think the familiarity of the same cot and smells help them to adjust to sleeping in an unusual room and routine.
  5. If you are going on a beach holiday, when you arrive at your location head straight to a shop and get everything you need to make your beach time comfortable; shade, seating, towels, buckets, spades and other toys and a potty (for newly trained or toilet training – toilets can be not available or a long walk away). You can donate them to your accommodation when you move on.

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Must Take Items Product Reviews

Name – Louise
Who do you travel with? Husband and three kids

  1. GroBlinds, bulldog clips and blutack – all help to darken rooms! The clips can be used to keep existing curtains closed tight together and blutack is very handy for many things, such as covering blinking lights on overhead fire detectors that are driving your kids insane!
  2. Lollipops – a lollipop can get you out of a tricky situation and keep the kids preoccupied for a good 20 minutes!
  3. A lead. I know these can be unpopular, but we have a cute monkey backpack with a lead attached. It’s a lifesaver with toddlers, especially in the security line if you’re without a pram!

Name – Nicole
Who do you travel with? Husband (sometimes) and Master 1

  1. Wipes, wipes and more wipes!
  2. I always pack a little bag of snacks and water for our son. Puréed airline food is not ideal and I’d probably use a whole pack of wipes on our son trying to keep him, me, the seat and the people either side of us food free! These bibs are always in our lunch box. Super easy to wipe over and the scoop catches most things that don’t quite make it into his mouth.
  3. A little nappy wallet with a few nappies, a pack of wipes and some hand sanitiser. The toilets on planes are tiny and you don’t want to have to try to juggle a full sized nappy bag and your child in one. Pull-up nappies can be a LOT easier to change. (Disclaimer: dealing with poo in a pull-up with a wriggling toddler in an aeroplane toilet is not something I’d recommend! So I only use pull-ups when I’m fairly certain I’m only going to be dealing with wet nappies). I always have a pile of spare nappies in my carry on but the nappy wallet is always kept easily accessible.

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