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Your name – Anna
Who were your travel companions? – Husband and 3 children, 6 year old boy twins and Miss 2
What was the location of your holiday? – Tswalu, South Africa
How did you get there? – International flights to Cape Town, charter flight to Tswalu
What time of year did you travel? – September 2014
Length of stay? – 4 days
What was the weather like? – 24 – 27 degrees during the day, 8 – 12 degrees in the morning.


AccommodationTswalu Kalahari
Style (Hotel, Apartment, B&B) – Lodge with individual villas
Room type booked – Family villa – 2 BR villa with living room
Facilities – Everything you need….. 5 star property. Private game drives meaning that we could take our 1 year old and 5 year olds with us or stop and go when we wanted, 24/7 babysitting in case we wanted to go on a drive without the kids.



Malaria free
Game driving flexibility
Children not only welcome but encouraged with activities from tracking lessons, teaching them to be mini-rangers, cookie baking, archery
Anything you want is possible at Tswalu
Small intimate lodge


None – absolutely amazing!

Would you stay there again? In a heartbeat. Once you’ve done a safari, you’re addicted for life.

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Could you recommend any restaurants/cafes/bars for eating out with children?

  • You can’t leave the lodge. Dining options on the lodge include:
  • Constantly changing dining options and venues
  • Exquisite gourmet food and wine pairing Tasting Menus
  • Exclusive dining in the privacy of your own deck
  • Sundowners and traditional South African influenced Dune Dinners with a twist
  • Boma Dinners with a modern interpretation, the Tswalu way
  • Canapé Evenings under the stars served plated or as a buffet feast
  • Picnic Breakfasts and Brunches to enjoy in solitude in the bush
  • Dining at your leisure and according to your preference with our “All Day Menu”


Things to do?
Animals, animals and animals
Dinner under the stars
Junior Ranger program

  1. This sounds like a dream for my family, especially with all the activities for children. We haven’t done an African safari as a family yet. I think it will be on my 2016 list. 🙂

  2. The place & activities it offers looks great! Is it suitable for a solo traveller though?

    By the way, if I may suggest, it’d be great if you could re-size the embedded Instagram photos to be as wide as the blog column. They are beautiful so no reason to make them small on here 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comments RaW! Yes it does appear great for solo travellers, the main house offers many areas to meet and mingle with the other guests and there is also a mezzanine library with satellite TV, literature & artefacts, outdoor swimming pool, a wine cellar.

      Thank you for the tip on Instagram, it was the first time I had tried to embed photos directly from Instagram so I wasn’t completely sure how it worked. Since your suggestion I’ve gone back and found how to make them the full width of the page!

  3. What an amazing place! I love the look of Tswalu Kalahari and would absolutely take my kids here. I think my son would self combust with excitement at seeing a giraffe that close! Great recommendation, thanks!

  4. ok you have just sold me! We have been tossing around the possibility of a South Africa trip for my 40th in Feb, but I just wasn’t sure where to go. But this sounds like the place! We will have my 5.5 yr old son with us, who by the way believes he is a park ranger. This sounds so amazing!!

    Going to check out your blog for most posts on SA!

  5. Now that looks like such a cool idea for a trip! Great experience for the kids too. Something they’ll always remember

  6. Dinner under the stars sounds amazing. And I like how activities with the children are encouraged. It’s an experience they will never forget.

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