How do you survive a long connection?

Flying with little travellers is exhausting! When returning to our Middle Eastern home from Australia, we are met with a 10-hour connection in Dubai airport. I often do this leg solo with my two little travellers and I’m always asked how I do it, honestly my only saving grace is checking into the airport hotel.

Name – Michelle
Who were your travel companions – Miss 2.5 years and Miss 1 years
How did you get there – Flights with Emirates from Australia
Accommodation –  The Dubai International Hotel 
Style (Hotel, Apartment, B&B) – Hotel
Room type booked – Deluxe Room at Concourse B


  • When available, they send a staff member to your arrival gate and assist you to the hotel
  • Surprisingly quiet, the beds and pillows are very comfortable and the room can be completely blacked out
  • After a long flight juggling a toddler on your lap, the ability to have a relaxing hot shower is heaven
  • Good size rooms for the kids to stretch out between flights
  • They offer a wake-up service, provide information and directions to your next boarding gate.
  • Free wifi


  • A little expensive for such a short stay
  • The entry into the hotel can be easily missed
Tired little travellers!

Luggage tip – you will be not able to collect checked in luggage between flights, so pack everything you need for your stay in your carry on. It is important not to pass immigration when connecting as you will not be able to access the departure gates and hotel until 3 hours prior to your flight.

Directions to find the reception from the hotel’s website:

Access to the Hotel Reception in Concourse A can be made using the elevators located near gates A1 or A24. In Concourse B, access to the Hotel Reception can be made using the elevators located between near gates B12 or B22. In Concourse C, one can access the Hotel Reception using the dedicated escalators or elevators located in between gates C15 and C17.

Strollers are available within the terminals and you will often find one at your arrival gate. They are generally very clean and in good working order. You can take them to your next gate or all the way to baggage collection.

Extra Tip – if you are flying Emirates with an infant, they will provide you with a little survival pack including a bib, spoon and wipes. Very handy, however, my favourite part is the bag. They are a fantastic size to pack small toys, medicines and cables so I have been keeping them and now use them to help organise my carry-on bag.

An organised carry-on helps find what you need in a hurry!

There is plenty to do while at the Dubai airport, enjoy some great food, do some shopping and a little plane spotting. It is a large airport which can be intimidating, especially after a long flight, so before you fly check out the airport website and try their Journey Genie for customised information about your flight.

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