Travel Product Reviews

Some products can make travel more comfortable for everyone. Here are some highly recommended products from our travelling friends and family.


Melobaby Nappy Change Purse

  1. Keeps everything you need for change times in one location so you can easily pass it to your partner, or whoever is changing the baby.
  2. Very compact, so you don’t have to lug your whole bag into the confines of an onboard bathroom!
  3. Looks stylish.
  1. The quality of the changing pad magnets aren't as good as the quality used to be but the pad still mostly stays in place.
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes! Click here to view the Melobaby website Review provided by Louise

Pao Papoose Baby Carrier

  1. Baby can be worn facing in, out or worn on back
  2. Completely takes the strain/weight off your shoulders unlike some other carriers
  3. Soft fabric and machine washable
  4. Detachable sun hood/sleep hood
  1. Recommended use from 4 months and from experience it does seem baby doesn't fit in it properly before then
  2. Can be difficult to adjust back straps on your own until you get used to it
Would you recommend this product to others? Absolutely! Click here for the Pao Papoose website Review provided by Nicki

Babyzen Yoyo Stroller

  1. Fits as carry-on hand luggage (IATA approved)
  2. Folds up in 2 movements
  3. Lightest and most durable stroller
  1. Expensive
Would you recommend this product to others? I have recommended it to everyone I know! It's all over Europe. Click here for Babyzen website Review provided by Anna

MUJI Garment Cases

  1. Ensures you only pack the essentials
  2. Keeps you organized so you can actually find things when you arrive
  3. Helps keep the room tidy so things aren't all over the place and then it’s easy to pack when leaving
  1. Muji is slightly expensive, but you can just use any bag that will separate the clothes / toiletries that isn't too bulky
  2. Not for anyone who loves to over pack
  3. Not good if you plan on shopping and your suitcase is full !
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes – if you are a frequent traveller with the family, you will get value out of this and it will illuminate stress of too many heavy suitcases to lug about Click here for MUJI website Review provided by Briony  

Citysafe CS200

  1. Fantastic size for a day or nappy bag and not too bulky
  2. Internal pockets to help with organisation
  3. Padded section for electronics
  4. Adjustable length strap for different wearing options
  5. Lots of security features to keep your things safe
  6. RFID blocking - protect your electronic identity
  7. Very easy to clean fabric
  1. Some extra padding on the strap would make wearing it a little more comfortable
Would you recommend this product? Yes Click here for Pacsafe website Review provided by Michelle

Ergobaby Performance Ventus Carrier

  1. Lighter weight when compared to the original version
  2. Great ventilation making it cooler to wear
  3. Great weight limit - up to 20kgs
  4. Not as bulky as the original version, so much easier to store
  5. Very comfortable to wear
  1. Not able to be used forward facing
Would you recommend this product? Yes Click here for Ergobaby website Review provided by Michelle

Ergobaby Original Performance Carrier

  1. Can be worn from newborn with the use of the baby insert
  2. Very comfortable for both parent and baby. My husband and I have both used it for extended periods and have never had a sore back or shoulders
  3. Extra long straps for the husband to wear comfortably
  4. Hood is great to protect from the sun or provide a darker environment for nap time
  5. Great weight limit - can be used up to 20kgs
  6. Can be washed easily in the washing machine
  7. Very durable - with extensive use with 2 children it is still looking like new
  1. Newborn insert can get hot at times
  2. Not able to be used forward facing
  3. Is a little bulky to store when not in use
Would you recommend this product? Yes Click here for Ergobaby website Review provided by Michelle

Caribee Fast Track 45

  1. Has the option of wheels to pull it along or backpack straps when you need both hands
  2. Very light weight, yet strong
  3. It is a great size for carry on, easily fits everything I need for a long haul flights plus some
  4. The two large sections are great for packing and organising so you can find things fast - like the nappy kit.
  1. I haven't found any yet
Would you recommend this product? Yes Click here for the Caribee website Review provided by Michelle

Maclaren Volo

  1. Really lightweight, easy to push and steer one handed and it has a shoulder strap to carry when folded it you need to.
  2. Economical without compromising on quality
  3. Mesh seat, good for hot climates to allow airflow
  1. Does not recline, but slung seat still allows my little ones to sleep
  2. No viewing window for parents on the hood
  3. Straps are floating for comfort but if you want to restrain more firmly, you can add bag seal clips under the seat to keep the straps at the required length.
 Would you recommend this product to others? Yes Click here for Maclaren website Review provided by Karen

BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light

Pros Light - Total weight 6kg Very easy to set up Good quality mattress

Cons The size of the carry case is like a large brief case, we always have to check it in as a separate bag

Would you recommend this product? Yes

Click here for BabyBjorn website

Review provided by Liz

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier

Pros Suitable from birth Easy to put baby in, and take baby out Adjustable straps

Cons The carrier is quite large, once your baby is out of it e.g sitting on your lap, it is hard to fold it up and put it somewhere without it being in the way Can't carry baby on your back (Although you could try this Baby Bjorn carrier )

Would you recommend this product? Yes!

Click here for the BabyBjorn website

Review provided by Lizzie

Gro Anywhere Blind

Pros Light weight and compact Complete blackout blind that suction caps direct onto window Can make small or large to fit different size windows

Cons Can’t think of any!

Would you recommend this product? Yes!

Click here for the Grobag website

Review provided by Johanna