Name – Anna

Who do you travel with? My 3 kids – Finn, Wilson (6-year-old twins), Olivia (2 years)

Your favourite airline to travel with so far? and Why? Etihad – best airline in the world. Their business class allows us to order and eat whenever we want – meaning we can sort the kids and dine-on-demand, the in-flight entertainment system is great and even the kids can use it.

What was the destination of your favourite family holiday? South Africa

Where are you dreaming of travelling next? Lake District, Oman, Venice, Christmas markets

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  1. For a long haul trip or 6 – 8-hour time difference, allow kids 2 – 3 days to adjust to the jet lag by adjusting their bedtime each night. If you land early in the morning, they won’t last until the end of the day so see if you can get them to sleep for a few hours so that they can last until night. If you arrive late in the afternoon, then just try and stay up for a few hours.
  2. Make sure they’re rested for the flight. Tired, cranky kids is not a good start.
  3. Be prepped with a few favourite snacks and treats to pull out in emergencies.
  4. Planes can be cold so make sure the kids are warm. An elevated body temperature brings on sleep!
  5. If it’s a night flight, pyjamas/tracksuit something comfortable.

Thank you for sharing with us Anna!

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