Name – Johanna and Stephen
Who do you travel with? Miss 17, Miss 15 and Master 2.5
Your favourite airline to travel with so far? and Why? Emirates for their flight deals and service.
What was the destination of your favourite family holiday? Bali
Where are you dreaming of travelling next? Austria


What are your top 5 travel tips?

  1. It’s a given but,¬†have mountains of snacks and new toys or books on hand for toddlers and teenagers. A lollipop can bring any tantrum to a halt. You are on holidays so use whatever bribery you can to ensure good behaviour on a flight.
  2. Switch seats for travelling children for half the flight. Reduces arguments ‘I want the window seat’ ‘ no I want the window seat’, and put adults between children for a few hours a flight to break up the monotony of flying.
  3. Order a ‘special diet’ meal for yourself so that you have eaten and are finished before children’s meals arrive. This gives you free hands to assist messy toddlers.
  4. Take 5min at the start of your flight to fill out the paperwork required for visiting the country you are travelling to. Exhausted, jet-lagged children in airports trying to do paperwork just don’t mix.
  5. Spare sets of clothes for toddlers, and for mum! I bring leggings and a T-shirt that can roll down to nothing for hand luggage. If you have a short stopover, take your children to the bathroom and wash feet and swap socks. It’s amazing how refreshed you all will feel.

Must have items when travelling with children?

  1. Panadol
  2. Baby Wipes
  3. Museli bars
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