Name – Karen

Who do you travel with? – Usually, my husband and 3 kids (currently aged 2, 4, 7 years) but I have done 2 solo flights with 3 kids under 5 to and from Dubai – Australia,  that I keep reminding him about!

Your favourite airline to travel with so far? and Why? – Emirates, as they have generally been on time and we can go directly to most places. But I’ve heard good things about Etihad, especially for families.

What was the destination of your favourite family holiday? – Maldives closely followed by Hawaii.

Where are you dreaming of travelling next? – Sri Lanka and possibly a ski holiday to Europe.


What are your top 5 travel tips?

  1. Keep smiling and have a sense of humour, to help your kids see travel as an exciting adventure.
  2. Fly at night for long haul trips and remember, no child has ever stayed awake forever.
  3. Play with all the aeroplane stuff before you reach for the toy bag. A sick bag can be turned into a monster puppet, an emergency card may be a tunnel for a hot wheels car, play spot the dog/baby/shoes in the in-flight magazine, make up a magic trick with a plastic cup and cold flannel, play peekaboo with the sleep mask, and hide little things in the free socks and guess what they are just by feeling.
  4. Buy some puffy stickers. They are easier for little fingers to peel on and off and they can have fun sticking them on everything.
  5. Don’t try to get the kids into a normal schedule of sleep at your destination. Use the jet lag to your advantage and hopefully you get to have some fun evenings together and perhaps some daytime naps together too.

Must have items when travelling with children?

  1. A nappy for every hour you are away from your suitcase with little ones and a few night nappies for the older toddlers.
  2. Kids headphones and their aeroplane adaptor jacks
  3. A new toy or treat to whip out at the end, in the customs line or baggage carousel, to help save the day.
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