Name – Louise

Who do you travel with? Husband and three kids

Your favourite airline to travel with so far? and Why? Qantas – love the kids areas in their lounges and their business class seats have enough entertainment to keep the kids happy for hours.

What was the destination of your favourite family holiday? Hawaii

Where are you dreaming of travelling next? New Zealand with the kids



What are your top 5 travel tips?

  1. Try to time departure flight times with the start of nap times.
  2. Have plenty of healthy snacks – they can get enough sugar from the onboard dining and the lounge! We always have carrot sticks, corn/rice cakes with peanut butter, and apples.
  3. Bring a comfort item for each child as there will surely be a moment when they simultaneously all want your cuddles!
  4. Book a suite whenever possible so there is a communal area for the adults to hang out while the kids sleep.
  5. Be creative with toys for transits. Collect new ‘toys’ as you’re running through a terminal – disposable cups, straws, stirrers, airline magazines, etc, all make fantastic, disposable ‘toys’ for testy infants.

Must have items when travelling with children?

  1. GroBlinds, bulldog clips and blutack – all help to darken rooms! The clips can be used to keep existing curtains closed tight together and blutack is very handy for many things, such as covering blinking lights on overhead fire detectors that are driving your kids insane!
  2. Lollipops – a lollipop can get you out of a tricky situation and keep the kids preoccupied for a good 20 minutes!
  3. A lead. I know these can be unpopular, but we have a cute monkey backpack with a lead attached. It’s a lifesaver with toddlers, especially in the security line if you’re without a pram!


Love your creative toy idea Louise! Thank you for sharing with us.

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    1. Hi Adventure Travel! Thank you so much for stopping by and for your lovely feedback. Please do come back throughout 2016, we hope to get a lot more info and tips up soon.

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