Name – Michelle

Who do you travel with? Husband and Miss 2.5 and Miss 10 months

Your favourite airline to travel with so far? and Why? Emirates would be our favourite, we do long haul flights with them each year and the staff are always helpful and attentive with the children – especially when I’m travelling solo with the kids.

What was the destination of your favourite family holiday? Spain

Where are you dreaming of travelling next? Maldives


What are your top 5 travel tips?

  1. Arrive at your boarding gate before boarding starts and take advantage of boarding first (if your airline offers it for families), use those few minutes to get everyone seated and happy without the stress of holding up other passengers. Get everything you might need for the first hour of the flight (while the seatbelt sign is on) and have it within arm’s reach.
  2. When food service begins on your flight, ask them to hold your meal while you assist your children, or if you have a baby this allows one parent to eat while one holds the baby and then you can swap.
  3. If there are no high chairs available when dining out, try stacking the chairs to bring the child up to table height.
  4. We always take our own travel cots and bedding for our children. I think the familiarity of the same cot and smells help them to adjust to sleeping in an unusual room and routine.
  5. If you are going on a beach holiday, when you arrive at your location head straight to a shop and get everything you need to make your beach time comfortable; shade, seating, towels, buckets, spades and other toys and a potty (for newly trained or toilet training – toilets can be not available or a long walk away). You can donate them to your accommodation when you move on.

Must have items when travelling with children?

  1. In my carry on for flights I take a spare shirt for everyone travelling and a complete outfit (or 2 depending on the flight time) for the children
  2. Disposal bibs and drink bottles. Disposal bibs are a great way to save clothing from getting grubby and reducing washing when you have a limited suitcase.
  3. Small toys for those times you are stuck waiting – for a meal or flights. Our favourites are Sonny Angel Dolls, Microgames Memo Animals  (doubles as a rattle for the little one) and Water Books (fill the pen with water, colour and draw, let dry and colour again – no mess and reusable…. Brilliant!!)
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  1. Good tips! Once we were waiting on the airport for more than 4 hours for another flight. We were happily sitting in the lounge, no stress at all. But…it was on different terminal… It started to be somehow strange, no plane, no information about our plane… 5 minutes before closing the gate, we asked someone on our flight… Oooh, how fast we were running! 🙂 Finally we caught the flight, absolutely destroyed, all the people were already sitting in the plane waiting for us. What a bad adventure it was 🙂 But funny and we at least have something to talk about now 🙂

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